Releases 1.2.1 and 1.2.2

Release 1.2.1:

This was a “thought of it the next day” release, with something I forgot to add until the day after I posted the previous version. This release adds the option to graph multi-choice questions against themselves, so you can explore patterns of coincidence. For example, if you asked people to choose from a list of emotions a story evoked in them, you can look at differences between times when somebody checked BOTH “happy” and “inspired,” and when they just checked one of those things.

While I was testing this, I noticed that some graphs had titles and some didn’t. So I made every graph have a title (and then I messed around with the title styling for a while). While testing this, I noticed that the “observations only” catalysis report did not include observations that had no strength value set. So I fixed that. Now if you choose “observations (all)” it includes observations that have no strength value set.

Release 1.2.2:

This minor update is a “why didn’t I think of that before” update. It copies the button for running a pre-import data check, plus the two buttons for exporting a story form, right to the panel where you are editing the story form. So now you can do those things without creating a story collection, which means that you can mess around with your story form and run the pre-import check while it’s still “live” and able to be changed. It’s a little more confusing with two copies of the buttons (I left the old ones there in case you want to use the “snapshot” of the story form saved with the story collection), but the utility is worth it.

This release also fixes three small bugs for errors that could come up when you are importing data (meaning, they came up when I was importing data).

If you have an existing NarraFirma installation and need help upgrading it to the new version, check our installation page for instructions.

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