Try NarraFirma with a filled-in example project

Click the button on the right to play with a live NarraFirma installation, with a project about work-life balance at a manufacturing plant. The project, stories, and corporation described in the installation are fictional. They were created to show you what it's like to use NarraFirma. (It's the same project as in the video.)


  • The demo web page may take some time to load. You will see a message that says "project information" is being retrieved. When the displayed count gets to 1576 messages, the project will be fully loaded. Once the page has been loaded, responses should be quick.
  • Our NarraFirma demo site runs on WordPress. It loads slowly because our demo server is on a (relatively) inexpensive shared-hosting account. NarraFirma runs faster on faster servers, and it runs faster when it is installed with Node.js.
  • You will have Read only access to the project. You can make changes, but they won't be saved to the server. So go ahead and play: see our (pretend) planning, read the stories, look at the graphs, drag things around, type in text. See what it's like.

Try NarraFirma with an empty project

Click this button to open and play with a blank NarraFirma project.


  • As with the filled-in project above, you will have Read only access to the project. You can make changes, but they won't be saved to the server, and they won't be visible to other users. You will lose your changes if you reload the page or close your web browser.
  • If you make any changes you would like to keep, you can use the export function (under Project administration) to save the project's content to a local file, then import it into a new project on your own NarraFirma installation.
  • We have provided this hosted installation of NarraFirma for your experimentation only. If you are doing an actual project, we request that you set up your own installation on your own server.

Tell us what happened

After you've tried NarraFirma, tell us what your experience was like. You can also send us feedback on the GitHub issues page or by sending an email directly to

Install it yourself

You can install NarraFirma as a WordPress plugin or using Node.js. See the Installation page for help. If you find a bug, please tell us about it on the GitHub issues page. (Or you can send an email to