Release 1.2.3 (Critical release – please update)

This critical release fixes a bug we accidentally introduced in version 1.2.0. Starting with that version, if you exported a “project snapshot with stories,” no stories were actually being written out. This happened due to inadequate testing of our new “housecleaning” purge of unconnected stories. (Of course we thought our testing was adequate, but it wasn’t.) We apologize for the error. Since it has only been six days since the release of version 1.2.0, we hope nobody was adversely affected. Please do update your copy of NarraFirma right away, though.

This release also improves NarraFirma’s handling of catalysis in projects where the number of questions is very large (over 100). The “Configure catalysis report” page now tells you how many patterns you will be generating and warns you if the number is very large.

We also found a bug in the code that displays Mann-Whitney U test results. It caused extra test results to be reported in cases where the selected choice question was left blank. It did not affect the accuracy of the test results.

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