Release 1.3.3

This release adds a new custom CSS field that affects the drawing of graphs in both the application (on the “Explore patterns” page) and the printed report. That is, you can change how graphs appear in NarraFirma as well as in the reports you print from it. This new field can be found on the “Configure catalysis report” page.

Please note that the older “Custom CSS” field on the “Print catalysis report” page no longer affects graphs. For graphs only, that field will be ignored in favor of the new graphs-only CSS field.

Also, graph-related CSS classes have been simplified for easier reference. If your custom CSS no longer works, inspect graphs with your browser to find the new class names.

Because the number of catalysis report options has been growing so much lately, there is a new “Show advanced options” button to hide most options from users who don’t want to wade through all that detail. This button can be found on three pages: print story cards, configure catalysis report, and print catalysis report.

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