Release 1.2.4

This release contains several quality-of-life improvements for the process of narrative catalysis.

The biggest change is the ability to “switch out” the story collection under a catalysis report by exporting your report elements to CSV, then importing them to a new (empty) catalysis report on a different story collection. This will be useful when you’re partway into writing observations and realize you should have lumped the answers for a question differently (or some other fix to the data). As long as the question short names are the same in both story collections, your observations, interpretations, and perspectives will transfer to the new report.

Several other little improvements and fixes should make catalysis easier, such as:

  • a running observation count
  • a way to randomly sample stories from a graph selection
  • better sorting options in the patterns table
  • an index number for each story (so they are easier to link up between the catalysis report and the story cards)

And so on.


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