Release 1.6.2

This minor NarraFirma release makes a few small quality-of-life improvements and fixes a few bugs.

Print your catalysis report in bits and pieces

On the “Print catalysis report” page, you can now save a CSV (spreadsheet) file with just the observations and interpretations you wrote, for pasting into whatever software you want to use to prepare your catalytic material. Paired with the option to spit out just the graphs associated with your observations, this should make creating your catalysis materials even easier.

Note that this new bits-and-pieces option ignores any clustering you do inside of NF. You might or might not care about that.

If you would like to write your catalysis reports in NF (perhaps to use its clustering interface), I recommend that you give pandoc a try. It works like a charm to convert NF’s HTML reports into any format you like.

Just-in-time help

When you’re looking at graphs in NF, it is not immediately obvious that you should click and drag on them to select stories. So I added a little bit of text below the graphs on the “Spot-check graphs” and “Explore patterns” pages to let you know that you can do that.

Another thing that happens sometimes when you are working with patterns on the “Explore patterns” page is that you forget the longer version of a question on the graph. So now, in the “Things you can do” list under each graph, there is an option called “Show survey questions for this pattern.” If you choose that option, then click “Do it,” NF will pop up a dialog that gives you the full text of the question, along with its (non-lumped) answers.

I also fixed a few little bugs.

As always, if you find any bugs – or find anything in NF confusing or hard to use – please tell me on the GitHub issues page.

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