Release 1.5.13

This minor release fixes two tiny bugs you might have run into if you had extra (blank) leading or trailing spaces in your question short names, or if you had extra (empty) lines in your available-answers lists. NF now deals more elegantly with both situations.


  1. The choose-questions-for-story-form widget was not matching up questions correctly if your question short names had extra (leading or trailing) blank spaces. This might have caused questions to stay in the pool of unassigned questions (on the right) even after you assigned questions to your story form (on the left). Now any extra blank spaces are being trimmed off, fixing the mismatch.
  2. When the survey was displayed, any extra (empty) lines in choice-question available-answers lists were creating malformed survey HTML, causing the error “Something went wrong loading the survey questionnaire from the server.” Blank lines are now being trimmed out correctly. (I meant to trim them out before, but I accidentally used the wrong array function.)

A big thank you to a helpful user who pointed out both bugs. As always, if you find any bugs, please report them on the GitHub issues page.

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