Release 1.5.6

This minor (but critical!) release fixes a nasty bug I discovered while improving the help system. A few releases back, when I added an option to set the width of text input fields, I accidentally disconnected the story-name field from its on-change method. This could cause the survey to refuse to save a story (because it thought the story had no name). I am surprised, and sorry, that I made this mistake, and I’m also very surprised that I didn’t catch it in my testing. It’s fixed now, but the whole thing does make me think that automated regression testing ought to move up in the NF priority list for next year.

There are a few other, smaller bug fixes in this release, plus improvements to the help system, which was what led me to find the nasty bug in the first place. All of this was prompted by some excellent feedback from a NarraFirma user, who suggested clarifications in the help system and found one of the smaller bugs. Thank you, user :)

As always, if you find any bugs, please report them on the GitHub issues page.

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