Release 0.9.7

This release contains three major changes.

  1. Most importantly, the release has a fix for a bug that caused data entered (in a survey or during data entry) to be garbled for questions with multiple checkboxes. Instead of saving an array, NarraFirma attempted to save a text string. That meant that data for those questions was lost. Sorry :( This did not impact data imported from CSV.
  2. The release adds functionality to support a “Does not apply” non-answer for sliders (scales). Now there is a check box under the slider, which starts out checked. When the user grabs the slider button and drags it, the box gets unchecked. To remove their slider value, they can check the box again. What it says on the box can be configured by adding a third line to the slider options. Some reasonable choices are “I don’t know” and “Not sure” and “It’s not important to this story”.
  3. There are also some improvements to usability and appearance in the “Review incoming stories” and “Explore patterns” screens.


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