What browsers does NarraFirma support?

We have tested NarraFirma primarily with Firefox and (somewhat less) with Chrome and Safari. We have not tested it with Internet Explorer, mainly because so few people are still using it. If you are using NarraFirma with IE and something doesn’t seem to be working, we suggest you try using NarraFirma with either Firefox or Chrome.

How does NarraFirma store its data?

NarraFirma uses a triple-store journaling data storage system called “pointrel” (points and relationships), which was developed by my husband Paul Fernhout. It’s similar to RDF. We chose this type of datastore because it’s robust and hard to corrupt. Triples are stored in files (in the node.js version of NarraFirma) or in a MySQL database (in the WordPress version).

What about web security?

We strongly suggest that you set up any web site on which you intend to install NarraFirma (WordPress or Node.js) with SSL (secure sockets). Your hosting provider should be able to help you do that.