I saved a NarraFirma graph to a PNG file, but the file is empty.

Yes. This is a limitation of the library we are using to render a SVG graph to the PNG format. It happens (at least we’ve seen it) when you are using Firefox as your browser and your image contains texts (possibly popup texts) that contain special characters (umlauts, etc) that do not render correctly in the XML format. There is an easy fix: do the same thing using Chrome or Safari. This seems to be a Firefox-specific problem.

My spreadsheet saves CSV files with a semicolon, but NarraFirma expects a comma.

Yes. Spreadsheets choose what delimiter to use for CSV from your location, and at least in Europe, the default is to use a semicolon. As of NarraFirma 1.4.0, you can change the CSV delimited used for import and export. To do this:

  1. Go to the NarraFirma home page for your project.
  2. Click on “Project administration”.
  3. Click on “Project options”.
  4. Choose one of the delimiters in the list (comma, semicolon, tab).
  5. Import or export files as usual. NarraFirma will expect (and write) your chosen delimiter.

Can’t save catalysis report in Chrome

If you go to save your catalysis report (or any other HTML page NarraFirma generates) in Chrome, and the “Save Page As” menu item is disabled, click on any link in the page, then look at the menu option again; it should be enabled. For some reason, Chrome doesn’t see the page as an HTML document at first.

WordPress 500 error

A 500 error in WordPress can be caused by several things (it’s a general error message). The most likely culprit is not having enough memory allocated to WordPress – search for “how to increase the WordPress PHP memory limit.” If that doesn’t help, search for “how to enable WordPress debugging” so you can see more information about what is happening.

If you do see more information about what is happening, and it seems to be a problem specifically with NarraFirma, please let us know by posting an issue on the NarraFirma Github site.

Javascript heap error

In the node.js version of NarraFirma, if you are working with a lot of stories, you could see an error having to do with the Javascript heap (memory allocation). This is easily fixed. Just add an extra parameter when you start your server, thus:

$ node –max-old-space-size=4096 NarraFirmaServer.js

This will increase the amount of memory available above the default of 512 megabytes.

New version not loading

If you install a new version of NarraFirma and it doesn’t seem like anything has happened, it might be because your browser has cached the earlier version and is not replacing it. You can delete your browser cache, but you can also do a “hard reload” on just the NarraFirma page. The way to do this is different for every browser, but it’s easy to look up. Just search for “hard reload” or “force reload” and your browser and operating system.