How can I help with NarraFirma?

You can donate, volunteer, pay us a commission to improve the software to suit your needs, and spread the word.

For example, here are some crazy ideas about things you could do to help with NarraFirma.

  • Make a series of how-to videos showing people how you did a project using NarraFirma, to help new users get started.
  • If you’ve done a project using NarraFirma, and if your project isn’t sensitive or private, think about releasing the project’s NF files, so other people can learn about NarraFirma by playing with your project.
  • Promote NarraFirma on your blog, on LinkedIn, on a podcast, and so on. Tell people about it, in explanatory detail.
  • Test the software. When a new release comes out, read about what has changed, then try to break each new thing. Post any bugs you find on the GitHub issues page.
  • If you have skills in a particular area (coding, writing, design), look to see if there is a “chunk” of work you could take on to add to the project. Look at the wish list (commissions) page and see if you could help with any of the items there.
  • Talk to me. Send me a note (, tell me how you have used NF and why you like it, and ask me what you could do to help. Just hearing from NF users encourages me to keep working on it.
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